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Modernize your business with the Global Storm POS system!

The Global Storm software suite of applications revolutionizes the way restaurants, retailers, grocers, and enterprise conduct business.

Custom Cloud Database

Your cloud server not only keeps track of all of the inventory data, but automatically updates and syncs all of the data and communications between your applications. We work with you to customize your database for your Storm System.

Coupons & Specials

The Global Storm Manager App puts you in control of your specials and offers. Easily create ads and instantly push your custom ads to your customers. Reward your customers.

Hardware Procurement

We work with you to procure new hardware orĀ  – create a custom solution using your current peripheral setup. We provide full technical support for all hardware implementations with our certified repair technicians.

What Users are Saying

Streamline Business Practices and Ease Communications.

  • Accept pre-orders and mobile payments.
  • Monitor employee performance.
  • Ultimate control of inventory cycles and product details.
  • Allow employees to scan product, update inventory manually, and manage stock in real-time.
  • Connect and engage with your patrons via the customer app.
  • Quickly and easily schedule based on labor budgets.
  • We offer free support because we care about your business as much as you do.

New Upgraded Features

Submit Pre-Order Lists
Customers can submit pre-order lists. This is received by Stock Clerks to be prepared before the customer arrives.
Accept Mobile Payments
With the Linea Pro scanner, not only can Stock Clerks scan in product, but they can also accept credit cards for pre-orders.
The HR Application
As an add-on to the Global Storm POS system, the HR App gives you team a clock-in tool, while allowing managers and human resource departments to schedule based on department needs.